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Unlock exciting career opportunities at Match Vacancies. Dedication to fostering an innovative work environment allows your skills to find purpose. Discover roles aligned with your passion for maternal, adolescent, and child health, propelling your professional journey forward. Be part of a team committed to making a meaningful impact in the healthcare sector. Explore the possibilities awaiting you at Match Careers and contribute to an organization dedicated to advancing mothers, teenagers, and children’s well-being.

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Company Name:Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health Institute
Employment Type:Full-time
Nationality:Selective (Update)
Salary Range:Depending Upon Designation
Education:Equivalent Degree
Job Location:Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, & Across South Africa
Posted Date:July 21st, 2024

Match Vacancies 2024 | Recent Employment Opportunities

Match Vacancies

About Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health Institute

The Maternal, Adolescent, and Child Health Institute is a pioneering institution committed to elevating healthcare standards for families. With a focus on comprehensive well-being, the company embarked on a mission to provide unparalleled care for mothers, teenagers, and kids. To foster healthier lives, they integrate advanced research, innovative solutions, and compassionate services. By combining expertise and empathy, the company aims to redefine industry benchmarks through the transformative power of health. The organization strives to create a world where everyone experiences the highest quality of maternal and child health. This ensures a brighter and healthier future for all.

Often Available Vacancies: (New Updates)

  1. Data Capturer
  2. Nurses

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Lead impactful maternal, adolescent, and child health initiatives with Match Vacancies, driving positive healthcare transformations.
  • Elevate community well-being by contributing expertise to maternal, adolescent, and child health programs.
  • Drive innovation in healthcare solutions, focusing on well-being.
  • Ensure healthcare standards advancement for mothers and children through key roles.
  • Contribute to groundbreaking research and compassionate care for families as a vital member of the company.

Required and Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise in maternal, adolescent, and child health and a passion for healthcare transformation are desired.
  • Proven experience in advancing family well-being, preferred qualifications for impactful roles.
  • Healthcare innovation aligns with transformative solutions.
  • A strong background in maternal and child health research is preferred for driving positive change.
  • Commitment to elevating healthcare standards, and required and preferred qualifications for impactful contributions.

Benefits and Perks:

Unlock a realm of professional fulfillment with Match Vacancies, offering competitive compensation, enriching learning opportunities, and a supportive work culture. Enjoy comprehensive health benefits, flexible schedules, and the chance to contribute meaningfully to advancements in maternal, adolescent, and child health. Join the team on a rewarding journey where your expertise meets purpose.

How to Apply for Match Vacancies?

The application process for Match Vacancies begins with a seamless application process. Explore the current openings by visiting the official careers website and selecting a role aligned with your skills and aspirations. Prepare a comprehensive resume showcasing your expertise in maternal, adolescent, and child health. Submit your application through the user-friendly online portal, including all relevant documents. The dedicated recruitment team will review your submission. If your qualifications match the requirements, you’ll be contacted for further assessment.


Match Vacancies redefines healthcare by joining a team committed to advancing maternal, adolescent, and child health. As a vital member, you’ll contribute to groundbreaking initiatives, drive innovation in healthcare solutions, and elevate community well-being. Embrace a role where your passion aligns with transformative healthcare practices, making a lasting impact on families. Join the company for a career that merges expertise with empathy, creating a healthier future.

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Available Job Positions:

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